Hi, I'm Katie Knox! I created Living Harmony with the belief that organizing is about more than just the space around you. Its internal. When we tailor the space around us to fit our needs through organization and design, we free ourselves to focus our mind and body on what matters most. But most importantly, it makes us feel good as we grow more clear minded and empowered.

We ALL have a space in our home or office that we dread. Maybe you've been busy, overwhelmed or just don't want to think about it (I promise you aren't alone!). I'm here to take the weight off your shoulders and give you a sustainable solution perfectly tailored for you and your lifestyle needs.


I'm a Washington native, currently living in Puyallup with my husband, our two kids and our goofy old lab mix Remi. After graduating college with a degree in business I worked as a Program Manager for a tech company in Seattle where I found my passion in creating systems and streamlining processes. After years of organizing for friends and family I quickly realized that these skills helped me greatly as a professional organizer. They allowed me to quickly and effectively listen to a clients needs, and meet them with a custom tailored solution (whether it be for their pantry or their business filing system). I knew immediately that I wanted to use what I had learned to empower the people in my community, and in that moment Living Harmony was born.


When I'm not organizing you can find me outdoors, or spending quality time in our community with friends and family.

I'd love to work with you and get to know you better! Shoot me an email, and let's get this thing started. Today is the first step to a new life.