The Ultimate Clutter Free Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

What do you get for the person in your life who has everything? The minimalist friend, or the mom who doesn't need another item to add to the chaos that is mom life? The whole point of giving a gift is to give something that someone loves and can enjoy, rather than giving something just for the sake of giving.

Now let me be clear, although I love to give items from the list below, I still love to give traditional gifts when the situation calls for it. If I know there's something that someone has had their eye on, or that they need, then I love to buy those things as well. Buying clutter free gifts doesn't mean you can't throw in the normal gifts too, its just a great way of avoiding buying a gift for the sake of it (that's when a gift becomes someones clutter!).

So after years of contemplating this issue, I finally have the answer- the clutter free gift guide is a round up of my favorite, cultivated in one list just for you.

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Calling all adventure lovers, music enthusiasts and movie lovers.

Tickets: Concerts, Theaters, Movies

Adventure/Experience: Escape Room, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, Tours, Ax Throwing, Top Golf, Batting Cages


The one who loves to try new things.

Cooking, Fitness (boxing, pilates, yoga, personal training), Glass Blowing, Dancing, Pottery, Painting


The one who deserves some relaxation and special treatment.

Massage, Facials, Mani/Pedi, House Cleaner, Car Detailing, Babysitter, Reiki


For the wine lovers, coffee lovers, and foodies.

Wine, Coffee, Gourmet Treats, Restaurant Gift Cards, Home Chef Gift Cards


For the sentimental one, the parents, in-laws and grandparents.

Custom Photo Book, Family Cookbook, Photo Calendar


The gift that keeps on giving, whether that be a few months or a year.

Subscriptions: Floral, Wine, Meal Delivery, Coffee, Car Washing

Memberships: Zoo, Museum, Forests/Parks/Trails

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