How to Organize Your Nursery Like a Pro

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Can I admit a real thought I have had, SO many times? How is it that babies need SO MUCH?! They are way too small to need as much as they do, am I right? Diapers, wipes, socks, blankets, pacifiers, teethers, onesies, books, the list goes on and on (probably to infinity and beyond, lets be real). Because of this, the task of organizing it all can be incredibly daunting. So how on earth do you do it? To me, the goal was for the nursery to make my life as easy as possible, and to look good doing it. Being a mama is enough work as it is. The last thing you need is to be searching in the dark for clean pajamas and their favorite binky at 2AM after a blowout.

Although some needs will vary from family to family; like whether you use cloth diapers or disposable, you breastfeed or formula feed - the general concepts of organization I am sharing in this post will stay the same. Before we get started, I have to admit something (although to those who know me, its probably not a surprise). Once I realized HOW MUCH our little man would need, I didn't want a bunch of extra "nice to haves" taking up space. I wouldn't call myself a minimalist by any stretch of the word, but I have worked hard to ensure we don't go overboard on the baby stuff either!

When it came to the "nice to haves" we kept it pretty low key, and we are so happy we did - especially since we are working with a fairly small nursery closet. I fully expected it to be busting at the seems, but thanks to effective organizing, we have room to spare! Obviously every parent is different, and no way is right or wrong. If you want all the baby gadgets you can find, I am not here to stop you! But I am here to help you organize them so that they don't take over your life.

One thing to keep in mind is that as our babies grow, so will the needs of their nursery. This can easily become chaos to keep up with when you don't plan ahead and give yourself some room. So to make it easy on myself (and for you!) I made versatility a huge priority.

Note: All items shown in my blog and social media posts will soon be linked on my site under a"Shop the Feed" tab! Keep an eye out for products from our nursery coming soon. For any items that are no longer available, I will link similar items at a comparable price!

Alright, enough of my chatting, lets get started!

First things first. The DRESSER.

The dresser is the holy grail of the nursery if it duels as your changing table, at least for the first few months of life. When you have a squirmy baby on your hands, all the important things need to be easily accessible!

For Asher's nursery we wanted the dresser/changing table on the short wall next to the closet. Because of this, we chose a small 3 drawer dresser. Here's what it holds:

DRAWER #1: diapers, burp cloths, burp bibs, hats and socks

We are a cloth diapering family (hence the colorful drawer of diapers in the pic below) and of course diapers needed to be in arms reach. Next up for this drawer, burp cloths and bibs. Not only do babies spit up often, they drool. The drooling phase started around 2 months, and having these handy is EVERYTHING. Since he is still little, and can't hold himself up quite yet, we get him dressed on the changing table. So having his hats and socks handy is great in the cooler months! If you have a little girl, you could swap out the hats and store headbands and bows here instead. When summer comes around, swap out the hats for sunscreen!

DRAWER #2: footie pajamas/sleepers, jumpers, pacifiers, extra cloth diaper inserts, teethers/rattles.

Initially I had all of Asher's clothes hung up in the closet, but realized it made the most sense to hang his shirts, onesies, pants and jackets, and fold his sleepers and jumpers instead. Not only is it much quicker when I am putting laundry away, but I love that they are easy to grab. Obviously if you have the room, onesies and leggings would be great folded into a drawer as well!

Pacifiers and teethers/rattles are used daily in our household, usually when we are winding down for the night and getting him dressed in a sleeper, so it makes sense for us to keep these items together. If you use Nose Frida, nail files and baby lotions more than teethers/rattles then it makes the most sense to put these items here.

DRAWER #3: swaddles, blankets, crib and changing pad sheets

Our little guy loves to be swaddled, so we use one every night to get him to sleep (we love the "Love to Dream" sleep sack too!). Having them handy in the dresser for daily use is a non-negotiable. Couldn't live without them.

We use blankets often, whether to keep him warm, or to lay on the ground for playtime, so I love that we can see and grab them easily. Like crib and changing pad sheets, storing them in the closet proved to be awkward and bulky. I love having them visible and neatly folded in the drawer. I'm pretty sure practical and beautiful is my love language, and this definitely fits the bill.

Next up, THE CLOSET.

I. LOVE. THIS. CLOSET. Honestly, I love it more than my closet. It's clean, it's practical, and it looks pretty good too. Considering this is a fairly small space, it is no small feat to have leftover storage space. But we do! There's a place for everything and everything has it's place, with tons of room for Asher to grow into it - although I would rather not think about my baby boy getting older (queue the tears).

When you organize well, you will have room to grow into a space as your life evolves. His closet originally had one shelf and one rod (LOL, not practical). I decided to re-purpose the space by adding an extra shelf, two rods, and two hooks which made a WORLD of difference. If you are working with a small space, I couldn't recommend this more! It's easy and costs less than $50. Money well spent, in my humble opinion.


The most awkward spot in any closet, second to the floor. Being that it's a tight space and hard to reach, it only makes sense to put items here that you don't need often. For us, that means the following items I have stored in these adorable ivory woven baskets from Target:

I. Donations: This is for any item (clothing in particular) that you came to realize wasn't practical, didn't work well, wasn't needed, or you flat out didn't like.

II. Too Small/Keeps: Items your baby no longer wears or uses that you would like to hold onto, whether that be for a future baby or for memory sake.

III. Product Boxes: An example of a box we keep in here is our Owlet box which holds the spare sock sizes and chargers to our Owlet.

IV. Pump/Formula: Since we still breastfeed, I have a couple of pumps and spare parts which I store here. We also have some formula on hand which we received in a care package from the hospital when Asher was born.


Here we store our extra hangers, his current size clothing (shirts, pants, jackets and onesies), and the next clothing size up. I LOVE his grey velvet kids hangers and pants clips. They are non-slip, compact, and not to mention beautiful. Another item I couldn't live without in his closet are the size dividers. They are absolutely perfect, and totally gender neutral should we decide to have a second baby.


Since this is a fairly shallow shelf space, I chose low profile baskets. Our baskets on this shelf hold the following: Next Size Up Shoes, Accessories (sun hat, sunglasses, earphones), and Toiletries (Nose Frida/saline spray, thermometer, nail file, etc.).


The simplest space. Here is where I hang clothing 2 sizes too big and larger. Done. That's it for the bottom clothing rod!


Ah, the floor. The most awkward space in any closet - seriously. But, I decided to throw that notion to the wind, and make it work for us with these Ikea shelf style bins. They are the perfect height to fit below the bottom clothing rod, and a great size for what we need them to store. We have one bin for toys/stuffed animals (as Asher gets older, and his toy collection grows, we will add a small shelf unit to his nursery), and one bin for extras (diapers, wipes, bath wash, diaper rash cream, etc.).

Next to these bins we store his bath (including his bath basket which holds his bath wash, silicone scrubber, bath toys, and whale water scoop). Recently, I have also started including in this basket a towel, washcloth, a clean sleeper, and diaper. This has proven to save so many trips back and forth to the nursery at bath time! When you put the bath away, load it back up for the next bath right away. Set it and forget it. Trust me, just try it. This is my favorite mom hack thus far!

Finally, in the far right hand corner we store his portable crib and spare stroller parts in a vintage wooden bin I've had since college. I am a huge proponent for using what you've got! Especially if its a gorgeous vintage wooden bin...


Last but not least, we use hooks on the left interior wall of the closet to store our baby wrap/carrier and bath towels! I love that these items are easily accessible, and even better, I love that by hanging his towels I have one less thing to fold when I do laundry (because seriously, WHO NEEDS MORE LAUNDRY TO FOLD. Am I right?).


We are huge fans of books, and Asher has a ton of them. We considered open concept shelving, as well as a small book shelf, but went with this cute magazine rack instead! It keeps books easily accessible, and looks good doing it. Next to our rocking chair, we have a side table (made by my sweet hubs out of tree branches from our yard, and leftover marble from our remodel - no joke!) and a basket to hold Asher's current favorite books, stuffed animal, and spare pacifier.

Whether you're an OG mama or a soon to be mama, I hope that this has made the daunting task of organizing your nursery a breeze! If you have any additional tips and tricks that I don't know about, I would love to hear them. Drop a comment below, and help the rest of us mamas out!

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