The 30 Minute Fall [closet] Lift You Never Knew You Needed

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Okay, so we have all heard of "spring cleaning"... But what happens to our closets and homes the rest of the year? Does spring HAVE to be the only season that gives us that extra pep in our step? That's where the fall [closet] lift comes in. Coming off of summer we have that fresh sunshine energy still running through our veins and its the perfect time to set our dreary winter months up for success. So how's it done? Well, its much easier than you would think. If a new mom of a newborn can do it in a matter of minutes you absolutely can too.

The result of this quick effort (while baby napped and dinner cooked on the stove), a fresh new closet no longer cluttered, and full of cute items that I can't wait to wear this season and beyond.

Here's how the 30 minute fall closet face lift works.

Note: All products used will be linked at the bottom of the page!

First, pick your most used areas of the home (typically being the master bedroom closet, the coat closet, and maybe the pantry or the kids closets) and tackle the biggest space first. I always tackle the biggest space first to create momentum before I tackle the smaller areas.

Head into that space with your top priorities in mind. Everyone's priorities will be a bit different, and that's okay! Here are some of my tried and true priorities when I come into a project like this.

I. My first step is always to take 5 minutes to swap out my seasonal clothing, because I am working with limited space in a closet I share with my husband (who has just as much clothing as I do). I pull out my seasonal clothes container and empty all my fall and winter attire onto the bed. From the closet I pull out all my sandals, fun summer heels, tanks and dresses and fold them into the seasonal clothing bin. With the empty hangers and new found space, I finish this step by hanging and placing all my fall and winter sweaters, scarves and boots in the closet.

II. Next, I spend a max of 5 minutes skimming my closet for things I no longer need or want (this applies to toys in the kiddos rooms too!). It can be so hard to let go of things, whether it be for sentimental reasons, or the dreaded "what if I need this later?". So to hold myself accountable, I ask myself the following questions (though I am no Marie Kondo).

i. Have I worn this in the last year? If so, was it comfortable and did I feel confident in it? If the answer is no to any of those questions, I toss it in one of two piles (the resale pile or donation pile - blog post coming soon on how to make easy cash on the items you no longer need or want!).

ii. If I haven't worn or needed an item in the last year, will keeping it save me from having to re-buy a similar item in the near future? If so, then its usually something I will keep hanging in the back of my closet or stored away in a labeled container.

IV. Finally, I spend 5-10 minutes reorganizing. Now there are many methods to organizing a closet, and no one method will work for everyone (blog post coming soon so that you can find the best method for you!). But here is what I have found works for me, after trying a few over the years.

All my hanging clothes are organized by color/type, and my shoes are organized by style and how often they are used. This has proven to be the easiest way I have found to keep my closet organized long term, and to make it WORK FOR ME, not the other way around. I am a huge believer in the idea that "organized" is for the lazy. I want things to be easy to find, easily accessible, and easy to put away. Anything else will not be sustainable.

After reorganizing my shoes this year I realized that I hadn't worn a lot of my cute boots and flats because they were too low on the shelf to easily see when I was getting dressed! I noticed I stuck to the same 3 pairs, and simply moving them to a different shelf made it feel like I had a whole new collection of shoes for the season. As much as I love the Nordstrom sale, I would much rather save the money and shop my own closet!

To reorganize, I took all my shoes off the shelves and started placing them back in categories (starting with booties, next fall heels/flats, then tennies, etc. etc...).


Seasonal Storage Containers (also used for our memory boxes, seasonal decor and more!)

My trustee label maker (the reason my husband no longer asks where everything is)

My beloved velvet hangers (since buying these, I truly couldn't live without them - life changer)

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