"Katie is absolutely spectacular at what she does! Before hiring her I had some areas where every time I would open the door or cupboard I would just get annoyed at how messy it looked and things didn't have a "home". She came up with very clever solutions to get my space organized and importantly- put systems in place for them to stay that way. The process was fun and I'm beyond happy with the results. Now when I open up those doors and cupboards it's so beautiful to look at- it's relaxing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIRING HER!"


"I am so impressed with Katie's organizational skills! She took my kitchen pantry and literally made it into the coolest part of my entire house! Her visionary skills for organizing is over the top! Not to mention she's fun to work with too! The proof is in the photos. I definitely will recommend her service to my friends and family."


"Looking in my linen closet used to give me anxiety. That was, until I found Katie with Living Harmony. Katie came to my house on a Saturday morning completely prepared with organizing bins, cleaning supplies and even a label maker! She sorted through my entire linen closet and helped me realize their really was some stuff I just didn't need. She sorted through all of my things and organized it all in a cute and modern way. During this process I had so many face palm moments where I thought "how did I not think of that!" Or "wow that makes so much sense" But the best part was, I didn't have to think about it. Because Katie already had and she was perfecting my linen closet look. Katie made the whole process fun, and made it easy for me to maintain after she left. After all was said and done I loved the linen closet so much. I asked her for help on my other dreaded area. The pantry. Now my pantry would literally make me not want to go grocery shopping because I would hate to have to make an attempt at putting anything away because their was no rhyme or reason. Katie so graciously agreed and immediately got to work. She found me a killer deal on food storage containers for all of my baking goods, pastas, etc. And I actually went grocery shopping today, and for the first time in who knows how long I was actually excited about going and putting my stuff away. I realized how many of each item I had which made it easier for me to shop. I am so thankful for the help and ease Katie brought into my life. If you have anything in your own home that makes you uneasy, stressed out to look at, or you just don't know to do with. Save yourself the stress and reach out to Katie! Thank you Katie!"


"There is an obvious attention to detail when seeing the fabulous end results that Katie of Living Harmony has achieved. Images cannot capture the finite aspects and coordination that has been put into the projects. Katie worked side by side with us to sort, de-cutter and organize our guest room that had become full over a handful of years. She even hauled off items to donate and helped us sell the rest."




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